Twilia Darlin

Twila Darling

Didja make it back to Tupelo? Is your heart still set on Wandering
The open pines

Like in Spokane?

Twila Darlin
Do you still put on a flower dress With a goodwill sweater buttoned up Only at the neck

Big dreamer
Amber waves of home Of she I sing

Sacajawea Blood pumping through America

Twila Darlin
Do you sell stuff at the rodeo Do you listen to the radio
Or satellite
Or Christian metal?

Twila Darlin
Didja fa-ha-hollow your bliss Didja ever think it’d end like this And is it over yet?

Beads and feathers

All god’s treasures Lost on pilgrims’ pride

Scorched in the valley Queens (Brooklyn) to Cali Dead inside

Twila Darlin